Three and the Train Station (Las Tres y la Estación)

Proyecto Joya, Mexican Jewelry Collective

Three and the Train Station is a unique necklace designed specially for an exhibition called "Y si Adelita se fuera con las joyas (What if Adelita runs away with the jewels).

The exhibition opened on November 22th, 2010 in the Museum of the Laguna Region in Torreón (Coahuila, México). It was organized to celebrate the Centennial of the Revolution Revolt (November 1910) besides the 34th anniversary of the museum.

Inspired by the role of women and their sensitivity to the Mexican Revolution in 1910. Expresses the vision of three little girls (as I recall from my grand aunts) which were barely 10 years old or less when the revolt started.

Curiosity, fragility, interaction. The way the movement entered to their lives.

I used materials with texture and history: railway wood, horseshoe nails, human hair of mine, henequen lasso and oxidized silver as communication media between these elements.

Jewelry, Fashion, Product